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Summerfair Cincinnati is a 501c3 non profit arts organization, made up of a group of dedicated Year Round Volunteers who, along with one staff person, work throughout the year on a variety of programs. 

A Summerfair Cincinnati Year Round Volunteer (known as a Green Shirt) supports the mission and vision of the organization by playing an integral role in organizing and executing a variety of event/program specific tasks and duties.  They involve themselves in one or more areas of the organization, such as helping organize or working at the Fair; organizing or working other events such as the Home & Garden Show or the annual Poster Reveal; assisting with the awards and/or scholarship programs which provide money and assistance to area artists and arts organizations.  Year Round Volunteers donate their time, talents and passion for the arts with the purpose of growing the organization and taking Summerfair Cincinnati into the future.

In addition to Year Round Volunteers, the organization depends on over 400 outside volunteers (click for additional information on being one of those outside volunteers) who donate their time specifically at the Fair.

Get Involved as a Year Round Volunteer ("Green Shirt")

“What is a Green Shirt?”

Green Shirts come out in abundance at the end of May!  Look around – there by that painter, over there by those sculptures, there go several in a golf cart!  Who exactly are these smiling folk dressed in bright green that emerge every year?  These green clad heroes are Summerfair Year Round Volunteers. Volunteers who don their shirts of green and descend on Coney Island determined to make Summerfair the best fair it can possibly be – each and every year!  

But you might ask - what exactly do they do? 

The preparation for each fair begins not long after the previous fair closes its gates.  There is a lot to be done preparing for the next fair and administering any monies earned during the fair during our year round awards and scholarship programs.  A Green Shirt never really rests during the winter months.  But during the weekend of the fair is when the fun really happens!  In addition to the many green shirts attending to behind the scenes details, they directly help the artists and patrons – offering assistance where needed and answering any questions. The pathways will always have several green shirts “on call” waiting for their signal to leap into action. 

Summerfair continues to evolve and grow.  Our Year Round Volunteers make it possible.

40 reasons to join NOW!

  • You love the arts!
  • You enjoy meeting new people who have a variety of interests and life experiences.
  • You’ve always thought of yourself as a “hippie” or...
  • You believe that all artists are hippies at heart!
  • You’re looking for a new outlet for your need to volunteer and make a worthwhile contribution to the local arts community.
  • You’re all about having fun … experiencing the arts … helping other non profit arts organizations.
  • You enjoy handling the details as well as strategizing the “big picture”.
  • You relish the opportunity to work on a variety of committees and getting the job done.
  • You’re not an artist but hope that by hanging out with them, some of that “creative ability” will rub off!
  • You love to shop!
  • You don’t need any more reasons to join … just how to become a member!

How do I become a Summerfair "Green Shirt" (Year Round Volunteer)?


 Anyone who wants to help the organization accomplish its mission is eligible for membership.  A person becomes a member when, having attended two Summerfair Cincinnati membership meetings, registers with the Vice President-Membership, is nominated by the Vice President-Membership, and is approved as a member by two-thirds (2/3) of the members present at a regular meeting of the members of the organization.  Upon the election of a person to membership in the corporation, the Vice President-Membership shall list the person as a member of the corporation in the records of the corporation, together with the member's address, telephone numbers (home and work) and the date of admission.  The election of new members will be on the agenda at each regular meeting of the members of the organization. 

A member may:  vote on any issues at the meetings, chair any committee, attend the annual fine arts and crafts fair free, receive a poster of the annual fine arts and crafts fair free, and may attend the annual dinner/party after the fine arts and crafts fair.

2014 Summerfair Year Round Volunteers

*Also see Board of Trustees

Tami Arnett
Bob Bader
Marian Barton
Kathleen Bateman
Bill Berry
Dee Besl
Thomas Bibus
Donna Binzer
Bobbie Bode
Chrysta Bolinger
Joe Boschert
Kelly Boschert
Suzanne Bovard
Shannan Boyer
Kathy Brackett
Jan Brockman
Kay Bross
Kelly Christian
Jill Conway
Jenny Costello
Judy Deglow
Jill Denton
Rhonda Dossenbach
Jane Emery
Myrna Findlay
Ann Flynn
Jill Folzenlogen
Polly Giardina
Roger Harding
Nan Hatch
Roger Henthorn
Dianne Hight
Bob Hinman
Koben Hinman
Michael Hirsch
Dave Kasanikcy
Charlotte Keller
Chris Kelsen
Mindy Kirschner
Chris Konieczka
Cyndi Lawson
Lori Lesak
Jill Leslie
Tom Leslie
Ron Magnan
Sue Magnan
Collette Martin
Jeff Martin
Linda McClellan
Tina McClintock
Mike McClullough
Laura Mester
Elaine Michael
Debbie Newsome
Jeff Nicholas
Krista Nicholas
Colleen Paas
Jack Paas
Tom Perdiew
Anne Poppe
Joan Roberts
Linda Roll
Judy Roth
Doug Scheidt
Regine Scheidt
Angie Schmidt
Kathy Schmits
Liz Schultz
Linda Tache
Mary Taylor
Shelley Tobin
Jim Umbs
Jayne Utter
Ruthie Vaught
Sally Weekly
Robert Weidle
Terri Wilson
Karen Zaugg
Dave Ziegler
Dee Ziegler
Bill Zilliox
Dana Zucker