D.E.V. Articles

What is a Summerfair Cincinnati D.E.V.?


A Summerfair Cincinnati D.E.V. is a Year Round Volunteer Member ("Green Shirt") who is:

D: ded’i-cat’ed    adj.  devoted; faithful

E: en-thu’si-as’tic  adj.  Intense or eager interest, zeal

V: vol-un-teer  n.  one who chooses freely to do something

The organization is pleased to introduce you to our current and past D.E.V.'s (archived article links shown at the bottom of the page)


Meet May 2012 D.E.V.: Linda Roll

Linda Roll’s theater friends introduced her to Summerfair. Bob and Koben Hinman, Terri Wilson, and Robert Weidle were all involved and encouraged her to lend a hand. She enjoyed working with the entertainment venues, announcing the various acts, and making sure they had what they needed. She doesn’t remember the exact year she became involved, but she does know that in 2003, the cast from a show she had recently directed appeared on the gazebo stage to perform a few numbers from “Quilters.” On Friday evenings, she has been helping with the vendors, then spends Saturday and Sunday with the entertainment areas. Then she directs traffic after the event is over on Sundays. A few years ago, someone suggested she become a green shirt since she was already spending a lot of time there, so she did.

Linda really enjoys having the opportunity to see the different media this fair draws and also getting to meet the various artisans. Especially nice has been the friendship she has developed with a past artist, Eric Dowdle. She encouraged him to do a painting with Cincinnati themes, which he has done. (She didn’t say she is the ONLY reason he did one, but they did talk about it quite a bit. You can see it on his website.)

Linda thinks what Summerfair does in support of the arts and the community is very worthwhile, especially in these economic times. Her theatre group has been a recipient of several of these grants over the years. She feels it is very important to give back to such a great organization and has really enjoyed the years she have spent helping Summerfair. She has met some very positive, energetic, committed people who are involved with Summerfair and enjoys being associated with the organization. It is indeed a positive influence on the whole community.

Linda lives in Milford, OH, but grew up in Northern Kentucky. She moved across the river when she married. She has 3 grown children, a great son-in-law, and 4 grandchildren.

Linda is the founder of the Milford Theatre Guilde and has been involved in theatre since she was a little girl. She worked for a small company in Silverton called Diversified Communications Group. They provided communication needs to businesses, organizations, and airlines both locally and around the country. She has visited every state east of the Mississippi, and a few west of there. Her goal is to eventually visit every state in the U.S.

She enjoys reading (when she has the time), crafts, spending time with her family, and flying. She has officially flown only 3 times, but she loves it and would love to learn to fly. She has also jumped out of a plane and swam with stingrays. From the skies to the oceans, Linda has it covered.


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