2011 AIA Award Recipients

The 2011 Aid to Individual Artists Awards were announced at our October 17th meeting. Artists receiving the awards were: Michal Lynn Adams, Cindy & Bob Kessler, Craig Lloyd and Brenda Tarbell. Each artist will receive $3,000 for use in the creation of new works and will be invited to participate in our 2013 Summerfair Select exhibition. The artists were thrilled to be selected and have exciting plans to use their awards.

We had 28 submissions this year. Artists were evaluated on artistic excellence of the work submitted for review and impact of the proposed project on the artist’s career development. This was the third year that judging was done remotely. Judges were sent a CD of all the submissions; each did a 1st round of scores on their own, and then we had a 2-hour teleconference where they discussed and selected our final award winners. Our jury of artists this year came from around the country: Cathy Stiers from Colorado; Robbie Gentry from Tennessee; and Leslie Bruns from Tennessee.

Michal Lynn Adams, Cincinnati, Ohio 

            Michal Lynn Adams creates stained glass pieces. She received her B.A. in fine arts with a focus in secondary art education from Ohio University. Since Adams’s passion has been supported by her parents, she plans to move to their home to better support their needs. This award will allow her to continue to maintain a studio at the Pendleton Art Center, and help her meet her artistic aspirations while expanding her work in the medium.

Cindy and Bob Kessler, Loveland, Ohio

            Bob and Cindy Kessler work with architectural glass. Cindy received a degree from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program in ceramics and Bob received his from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program in visual arts. The AIA award will fund their technical education to expand their work with large-scale mosaics. The Kesslers also plan on using the funds to build models of their mosaic designs only previously concepted on paper.  Finally, they would like to use a large-scale studio outside of their home to continue to explore the worlds of stained glass and mosaics in an environment that allows them to do so.

Craig Lloyd, Cincinnati, Ohio

             Craig Lloyd received his M.F.A. in painting from the University of Cincinnati and a B.F.A. in painting from Wright State University. Lloyd paints highly realistic landscapes. He will use the AIA award for purchasing canvas, stretchers, brushes, paint, framing, and to cover exhibition shipping costs. The funding will also supplement travel expenses for the research and development of the next phase of his work.

Brenda Tarbell, Cincinnati, Ohio 

            Brenda Tarbell specializes in ceramics, more specifically, ones that resemble shells and sea urchins. She received her B.F.A. in ceramics from The Ohio State University. Tarbell plans to use the award to further develop her skills with building modular pieces and porcelain clay bodies. She would like to start introducing light sources to her work and is particularly interested in LED light technology. The award will enable her to partner with an electrician to develop fixtures for her work and will allow her to work with a metal sculptor to execute designs and supports for her porcelain forms.