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The Summerfair 2014 poster will be revealed on April 27th. Che3ck back then for the Summerfair 2014 Poster.



The Summerfair 2013 winning poster was revealed to the public on Sunday, April 14, at the Joseph Beth Booksellers

The 2013 Summerfair Poster was designed by graphic designer Dawn McGill.

Dawn is originally from the Denver, Colorado area and currently lives in Liberty Township with her husband and two children. She is an independent graphic designer who works with several large corporations and a variety of smaller clients on various projects. She loves photography, glasswork, and typography. To learn more about Dawn’s work, visit her website at:!

Artist Statement

I feel this particular poster speaks to the excitement and energy at Summerfair. I see my work as an attempt to utilize various color harmonies and surface textures to visually engage the audience. I explore the range of possibilities allowed through subtle changes of color choice, composition, method of application, etc. I am inspired by sources outside of the art world, such as technology and digital culture.

To order a 2013 Summerfair poster:

Send $10* for a regular poster (24"x36")
Send $20* for a regular poster signed by the artist

Send $30* for a regular poster signed and numbered by the artist

* +$5.00 Shipping & Handling Fee per Poster

For availability of past years posters, send an email to

Make check payable to Summerfair Cincinnati, Inc. and mail to:

Summerfair Cincinnati
Anderson Center
7850 Five Mile Road
Cincinnati, OH 45230

Or call 513-531-0050 to place an order OR to arrange in-person pickup. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.